Photography Gallery

A compilation of helpful links and articles from the Photography Committee of the Rake and Hoe Garden Club.  Margot Partridge, Chairperson.

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“In Composing Your Photo”, Arabella Dane shares tips on how the photographer can create a picture which is both pleasing and communicates the story to the viewer.


The article “Balance in Photography “ by Spencer Cox” discusses Balance, one of the principles of good composition in photography.  As the photographer composes his photo, he consciously or not decides if his photo will be in balance.

Balance in Photography
by Spencer Cox

Angle of View

Looking for tips to get a more exciting and creative look to your photograph, check out Arabella Dane’s article “Angle of View”

Painting with Light

Photography is about light; without light there would be no photograph.  This article “Painting with Light” by Arabella Dane will help the photographer know how to use light correctly.

More About Light

In her article “More on Light & Exposure “, Arabella Dane further discusses more about manipulating the camera for better photos.

Resizing Photos

Need a resource to help determine if the size of your photo image will be of a manageable size for entry in a contest or will have enough resolution to print in publications; check out “Resizing Photos” by Arabella Dane.

"2020 Perfect Vision - Seeing is Believing"

The photo section of the NGC Petite Horticulture Specialty Flower Show. Enjoy these winning entries and special images from an NGC Member Photography Contest 2020.

Congratulations are in order for the finalists from Rake and Hoe Garden Club!  

*Richard Pelikan for his 2nd place picture “Peggy’s Cove Light House”, Halifax, Canada in Class 2 Far-Sighted.    Rich also was a finalist with the picture “Presby Iris Garden” Montclair, NJ in Class 1B Near-Sighted Close-Up and Macro.


*Margot Partridge for her Honorable Mention picture “Peace and Solitude“ in Class 2 - Far Sighted.


*Barbara Spellmeyer, a finalist with her picture “Night Birch” in Class 4 Color Blind-   Monochrome Image.  The judges considered Barbara’s picture “to be superior in Technical Achievement “.


Enjoy videos of past events in Rake and Hoe Garden Club. Check back for a revolving gallery of pictures or competitions in the future.

Blue Star Dedication in Shadowlawn Park
Flower Show, 2014 "La Fleur Couture"
House Tour, 2016 "Deck the Halls"
House Tours Past "Deck the Halls"