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Photography Gallery

The Rake and Hoe Garden Club Photography Committee, chaired by Margot Partridge, meet regularly to share tips and advice with members.  Our workshops consist of submitting photos with critique from the group. Below, you will see several of our workshop videos.

2024 Annual Photography Member Competition

Members, you might want to get a jump on these themes for photographs for next year. 

Something fun for the summer! More details will follow from Margot.

    Some Subject Categories

* Moving water

* Native plants including fungi

           * Lines/pathways - where do they go?




Our Past Workshops


The Rake and Hoe Garden Club maintain multiple gardens around the town of Westfield.  The north side of the Train Station, Shadowlawn Park and Rahway Avenue corner, Miller-Cory, Clair Brownell Gardens at the Historical Society on Mountain Avenue and the urns on the bridge at Mindowaskin Park. The below are images taken by the membership at these gardens.

Train Station in Westfield

Photos by Rich and

Jeannie Pelikan

Shadowlawn Park

After the storm, Shadowlawn Park was redesign to the garden that you see today on the corner of Rahway and Shadowlawn near the high school.

Storm photos taken by Pam Kolb

Second row photos from left to right- Barbara Spellmeyer, Barbara Mullin, Clare MInick

March 8 - "Expert Advice from Our Rake and Hoe Scholars"

Rake and Hoe members who have taken GCNJ courses for certification will share valuable tidbits from what they have learned. Nancy Wallace competition will occur at this meeting.

Miller-Cory House

View this historic home and gardens on Mountain Avenue in Westfield.

Photos top line taken by Irene Greenstein

House view in second row taken by Margot Partridge

Claire Brownell Native Garden

This memorial garden is located on the gently downward slope of the backyard of the Historical Society on Mountain Avenue.


It is also the site of Andrew Gates' Eagle Scout project.

Photos taken by Barb Spellmeyer

National Garden Clubs Inc.

AS I SEE IT Photography Competition- Coral Gables Garden Club

Dear Friends, Garden Club Members, & Photography Enthusiasts,

The AS I SEE IT Photography Competition 2023 is open for submissions on April 3rd and will run through May 5th 2023.

We will have over $3,000 in cash prizes, and this year, we will have an Exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum in August for the top 25 images, including a museum-quality published catalog. This is an exciting addition.

Please click this link to learn more about the contest and the new categories, or scan the QR code. Please share this flyer with your friends, colleagues, and camera clubs by downloading the flyer from the button below. 

Send us an email with any questions to:…


A compilation of helpful links and articles from the Photography Committee of the Rake and Hoe Garden Club, Margot Partridge, Chairperson.  Please contact Margot for more information.


“In Composing Your Photo”, Arabella Dane shares tips on how the photographer can create a picture which is both pleasing and communicates the story to the viewer.


The article “Balance in Photography “ by Spencer Cox” discusses Balance, one of the principles of good composition in photography.  As the photographer composes his photo, he consciously or not decides if his photo will be in balance.

Balance in Photography
by Spencer Cox

Angle of View

Looking for tips to get a more exciting and creative look to your photograph, check out Arabella Dane’s article “Angle of View”

Painting with Light

Photography is about light; without light there would be no photograph.  This article “Painting with Light” by Arabella Dane will help the photographer know how to use light correctly.

More About Light

In her article “More on Light & Exposure “, Arabella Dane further discusses more about manipulating the camera for better photos.