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 The Junior members of the Rake & Hoe Garden Club of Westfield range from kindergarten through high school students.  The Juniors Club has been in existence since 1956.

They meet monthly after school during the school year to work on projects focused on flower design, gardening and community service.

In the spring of 2013, the Juniors planted a Butterfly Garden in Shadowlawn Park, to attract Monarchs, Swallowtails, and other pollinators. Along with the Senior Garden Club members, they maintain the garden twice a year, adding annuals and herbs for variety. They have added special touches to the garden, such as handmade “kindness rocks”, mosaic stepping stones created from broken tiles and china and also created insect habitat boxes.

Senior members visit with the Juniors during the year to instruct them in plant care, tree identification and other horticultural topics. The Juniors are also dedicated to community service. Each year they create holiday centerpieces for residents of senior living homes in the various communities of Union County.

The Juniors have won many awards for their skill in flower design. They have achieved great success at the New Jersey Garden Club’s annual Flower show, winning ribbons in various categories. At a single show, the Juniors were awarded 19 blue ribbons.


The Junior Club is always looking for new members who have an interest in flower design, gardening and community service.

If you wish to get additional information please email Betty Clark.

Our Past Workshops

Mosaic Workshop
Butterfly Workshop
From 10/11 meeting at Shadowlawn butterfly garden where the Juniors planted daffodils, had a lesson in saving seeds, and set up a fairy town.

Join Us!

We are always digging for new members.
For more information
Betty Clark
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